Matt + Sofia Burton – Dr. Phillips House – 12/05/14

Mike Gray

I met Matt + Sofia almost an entire year before their wedding. I knew right away that they were a great couple and I was ecstatic that I had the opportunity to work with them on their wedding and to be a part of their special day. They picked the beautiful Courtyard at Lake Lucern for their wedding, this is an incredible venue with amazing staff who always take care of me when I am there.

The day of the wedding, I woke up and to my surprise, it was pouring of rain. This is a bit unusual for this time of year in Orlando. It was a strange that November and December were both rainy months and I was extremely disappointed that it was raining on this particular day. As I was heading to the venue, the rain started to calm down which was great! I was hoping that the weather was finally clearing up and it did… for about an hour.

I get to the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne and catch up with the groom, Matt. He was in high spirits and happy the rain had stopped. From that point on the rain would stop and start, which didn’t help us because the ceremony was being held outdoors! About fifteen minutes before the wedding was scheduled to start, I saw Sofia for the first time and she looked incredible. I mentioned something about the rain to her and with a huge smile on her face, she said “I don’t care, I am getting married today!” She remained positive and happy when I know a lot of brides would be loosing their garters over the bad weather. She had been planning this wedding for a long time, this was her day and nothing was going to stop it from being special. The ceremony started and the rained stayed off just long enough for us to have the perfect ceremony.

After Dinner, we started to have the first dance, followed by the father / daughter dance. About half way through the dance, it started to rain and as everyone ran to get shelter, Sofia and her Dad just continued to dance. We all know that rain is a huge inconvenience but watching Sofia and her Dad share that special moment, in a weird twist, the rain kind of added to the moment. After that short sprinkle, we had dry weather for most of the night. The rain didn’t get this group down, they were there to party and have a great time. I had a blast with Sofia + Matt, their friends and their family. Even with the rain, I would say this wedding was perfect. Matt + Sofia stayed positive and made sure that they enjoyed this special night, right down to the last song. The last song, by the way, was them with all of their friends, on the dance floor… in the rain! What a way to end this incredible wedding. Thanks for letting me be apart of it and creating new memories for me, I hope I created some great ones for you 🙂

Photographer: Jenna Michele Photography
Venue: Courtyard at Lake Lucerne

Special thank you to Jenna Michele Photography for allowing me to share these amazing pictures with everyone!


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