The New White Tie DJs Website

Mike Gray

Our new website is in full swing. We are working around the clock to bring some new and useful features to the site that will help when planning your next wedding.

One of the biggest additions has been the new client area. The client area will be available to new brides and grooms and will allow them to log on and submit information for their event. This will include a wedding timeline, a wedding planner as well as give the option of uploading a song list or other files directly to us. This will be extremely useful to couples who don’t live in the Orlando area but are planning on having their wedding in Orlando. This is just the start for the client area, over time new additions and improvements will be made to make planning your wedding even easier.

Another great addition is this blog. I plan on using it to give wedding tips and ideas. Being a wedding DJ, I am often asked questions and asked for my opinion and thoughts on certain things. So I will use this tool to communicate directly to anyone who wants to read. You can also leave comments below, and share my blogs on your FaceBook and Twitter. I will also use the blog to post more pictures and videos from the different events I do. So people can get a better idea of the different venues I have been to as well as the type of weddings I have done.

To make things a little bit easier if you are using a mobile device, is our new mobile website.


Our new mobile site makes it easier to get in contact with us. The “Call Us” link will call us directly. You can also like our social media pages from the new mobile site. Another nice feature that we are going to work into our events, will be “Request A Song”. Guests will be able to go on the mobile website from their smart phones and request a song at your event. That will be sent directly to me, and I will then be able to play those requested songs.

So these new great features, along with more pictures and videos are all available on the new White Tie DJs website. The site is not at 100% right now but every day, it gets closer to being finished. If you have any questions about the new site, or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We want to hear from you and how we can make ourselves better.

– Mike

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