Unique Wedding Ideas!

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Mike Gray

Planning a Wedding Reception can be loads of fun and can also involve a lot of stress! More and more people are looking for some unique wedding ideas that they can incorporate into their wedding, to help make their wedding stand out from the rest! Here are some cool ideas I found while surfin’ the net!

1. Add a line a DJ song request on your RSVP card.

Adding this RSVP line will give your guests a chance to request some of their favorite songs, but it will also give your wedding DJ an idea of what type of music to play that will get your guests dancing.

2. A ring bearer who is all about security

This is sure to get a lot of laughs from your wedding guests. Security is important and should NOT be taking lightly.

3. Have a hashtag

Social media is everywhere and almost everyone uses it in one way or the other. Create a hashtag for your guests to tag their pictures. The hashtag should be customized for your wedding. Once they upload their pictures and use the hashtag, you will be able to go back later and check out all the pictures your guests took.

4. Have “Hangover Kits” available for guests


I found these online and I thought it would be a cool idea for any wedding.

These are some of the ideas I found while surfing the internet. There is literally thousands of different tips and tricks available to make your wedding ceremony and wedding reception stand out.

Do you have some ideas you want to share? Feel free to use the comment section below!

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