Wedding Planning Tips: Where To Put the DJ?

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Mike Gray

So you have been planning your wedding for some time and now it is time to plan the layout of the room. Where do you want the dance floor? What about the head table or the cake? Where should the DJ go?

I don’t run my business telling people HOW they should plan their wedding, I just give suggestions. I have run into a few scenarios in the past where the bride and groom have been a little unsure as to where I should be set up. So here are my suggestions.

The best place for me to be setup would be right next to the dance floor. The reason for this would be so when it is time for people to actually start dancing, I am not set up half way across the room. When people dance, they want to be close to the music.

I have been to a couple of venues where they have a stage available and the bride and groom have thought it was a good idea to have me setup on the stage. Is it a bad idea? No not always, sometimes the lay out of the room is a little weird or there isn’t a lot of room available because of tables and chairs; in that case, then the stage may be the only option. However, if we have an alternative option, I would probably rather go with that. A stage setup is good visually for your guests, so everyone can see the DJ. The problem with that is two things, one is the speakers are usually raised up on stands about 6ft off the floor, so if the DJ is on a stage then the speakers will be 6ft off the floor on top of a stage which means they will be really high and the music will be sent over everyone’s head and it won’t sound very good. The second reason is, well this is your wedding, not mine. I would rather not be the center of attention, I think you should be. Some DJ’s want to be on a stage or in the best spot available so everyone can see them. I think that prime location should be saved for the bride and groom.

Another thing to consider when placing the DJ is who you are placing them near. This is something that is over looked a lot and sometimes it can become a bit of a problem. A lot of times I am places next to the table that has Grandma and Grandpa. Now don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with Grandma’s and Grandpa’s… just not when I am a DJ at someone’s wedding. Why you ask? Well in order for me to fill the room with music, I will have to turn the music up a little bit and because I will be on one side of the room, it usually means that the side I am on is a little louder. I find that younger people don’t usually mind it as much as the older guests. So I usually recommend that I am not setup right next to any elderly guests, just because the music volume is usually an issue with them.

So to summarize it all up, the best place for a DJ is as central and as close to the dance floor as possible, leave the prime location for the head table… chances are the guests would rather look at you than me and finally, try and seat the elderly guests away from me so they can enjoy their evening without my music giving them a hard time.

Of course these are only suggestions to help you plan your big night. 🙂 If you had any questions about where the DJ should go, I hope this helps!

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