Why White Tie DJsMike Gray

Why White Tie DJs ?

That’s a very good question. It could possibly be the most important question you ask when deciding if you want to work with me. I’ll be honest, everyone is different… including DJ’s. Every wedding I have DJ’d has been a little different, some have been similar but no two have been the same.

You want to work with a DJ that not only meets your needs, but also has the personality and the desire to take your vision for your wedding and bring it to life.

A lot of people spend a lot of money on photographers and videographers because they want to have memories of one of the most special days of their lives. Then they think that they can save some money and get a cheap DJ. Or in some cases, they decide to use an iPod or a friend who has some speakers. In my opinion, DJ’s are just as important as the photographer and the videographers. The DJ runs the night and when you hire me, I don’t just stand behind my booth for 4 hours straight. I make sure that the night runs smoothly and everything you want to do get’s done. I also coordinate with the photographer and videographers to make sure these moments are captured. An iPod can’t make all of your announcements, can’t work with the venue and other vendors at your event to make sure your night runs smoothly.

I will work with you to plan out your entire night. I will also be available if you want any suggestions or ideas. I am not here to tell you how you need to plan out your wedding reception, but I am here to work along side you to help you make your vision come true.

Am I the cheapest DJ in Orlando? No, but I am also well priced. the average DJ in Orlando charges about $900. Some DJ’s offer their services for as low as $200 – $300. I am sure that some of those DJ’s are very talented and might actually be good at what they do. However, most of the time, those DJ’s are basically practicing when they do a wedding. They might not have the experience or the knowledge to ask for a little bit more money. 

Now the question you have to ask yourself is, Do you want a professional to take care of your wedding reception, someone to make sure everything runs smoothly and knows what they are doing? Or work with someone who is likely to make mistakes on your special night and could potentially ruin the night but you save a few dollars? Of course the choice is up to you, but when you hire White Tie DJs, you get a real professional.

I also take a few extra minutes to make sure that my setup is clean and all the cables are taped down. I want my setup to look good in your photos and not a horrible mess. You will look back on your pictures years down the line and the last thing you want is a horrible DJ setup in the background.

Another advantage of working with me for your wedding is that you will know who will be there… Me! To some people who haven’t worked with a DJ before, that might sound like a weird statement. However, sometimes when you work with larger DJ companies (which they do a great job!) you don’t always know which DJ will be at your wedding. These companies hire multiple DJs and sometimes you will find out the DJ you will be working with… the week before your wedding. With White Tie DJs, you will meet me from the start and I will be the one at your wedding, making sure everyone has a great time and your night is flawless.